Welcome to Look-n-Listen Dog Training!

Look-n-Listen offers mobile/in-home training and group classes.

– We offer positive training to help owners partner with their dogs.

– We develop harmonious, cooperative relationships and behaviors in the home and community.

– We offer private and group classes that engage the minds, bodies, and spirits of dogs and their owners.

We build relationships – POSITIVELY!

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Learning - the FUN way!

As soon as you acquire your puppy/dog learning begins, modeling and trust can be developed. Studies show that early positive training can not only provide your dog with skills and tasks that make coexistence a pleasure… but those early trained (with positive training methods) can be more adaptive, resilient … and smarter! Join us and let us show you how your dog can prove his/her brilliant capacities to learn, obtain basic skills and become the buddy of a lifetime!


With positive training methods… amazing results are obtainable. With consistent practice, good manners, reliable canine tasks and harmonious relationships are formed. We train, inspire and encourage healthy, cooperative and satisfying relationships with our dog companions. We aim for well-balanced family dogs in your home, yard and communities.

Mastering Partnerships

The results of your training and bonding will be apparent to your family and neighborhood. The dogs that have the best foundation and a balanced well-being are a pleasure to have in public and are welcomed members of the communities. Join us at Look-n-Listen to develop, build and enjoy an engaged relationship with your best friend!


“Kate is a very creative trainer…    she introduces new ideas to keep the dogs engaged, and making learning fun.”


Hundreds of happy owners/families and pups that love, love… LOVE to learn and offer canine tasks and cooperative behaviors!

Dozens and dozens of happy pups and owners!

“Kate, you are such a great instructor AKC & all attending (people &pups) are so lucky to have your great knowledge taught with explanation & humor too!”

“…such a talented trainer –I am not surprised –but impressed & grateful + wonderful handouts!

Alice Maher, 2015

Years of Teaching Dogs and Owners

Experience with Number of Breeds

Developing exceptional owner handling skills and canine tasks…at home, in your yard, community and in public.

We train to develop a calm, well-balanced canine minds and wonderfully cooperative manners to match!

Our groups are educational opportunities for your dog to learn how to focus on you – while training near other owners and their dogs working on similar skills.


Investing time and positive training methods into your dog’s early months and especially their first year – rewards you, your family, your community and your canine family member … for YEARS!

“Kate, you are such a great instructor AKC & all attending (people &pups) are so lucky to have your great knowledge taught with explanation & humor too!”

“Such a talented trainer –I am not surprised –but impressed & grateful + wonderful handouts too!–Look forward to our next class. Tulse had a fun day playing with other pups & walking with her almost 4-month-old friend at the park.”

Alice Maher 2015

Alice Maher

Owner, ThroughtheLookingGlass.com

I have had three pups happily taking Kate Brown-Wing’s puppy class and it is amazing to see them eagerly coming to class, and more amazingly to see how quickly and easily they learn in 8 weeks. Kate is a wonderful resource for the new puppy owner.”

Pate White 

Pat White

Halcyon Standard Schnauzers

“Kate just simply has a WAY with puppies. Her gentle teaching technique- using positive reinforcement, has the puppy learning before it realizes that it is being trained.”

Lesa Fork 

Lesa Fork

AKC Ambassador, Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

“If someone were to contact me specifically inquiring about Kate’s services, I would highly recommend they sign up without hesitation.  Kate has such a love and understanding about dogs that you will take away something from every session with her”.

K. Schmidtmann