Did the instructor present the class information well?

“Yes- Kate not only has the skill but the kind of approach and attitude that makes it fun and interesting for beginners like myself.”

Did the instructor conduct herself in a professional manner?

“Yes- In every way. She is a great group facilitator – but also gives individual attention to students and puppies.


“Thank You for offering this very special class – and extremely special instructor. Her love of dogs shines through and has inspired me that with time attention and effort, I too can learn to be a great parent to my pups! Thank You!”

Sylvia Delafield., Washington, DC – (2010)

Silvia Delafield

“You are such a talented trainer –I am not surprised –but impressed & grateful + wonderful handouts too! Tulse had a fun day playing with other pups & walking with her almost 4-month-old friend at the park. 

Hide and seek is fun & hilarious to her & me too.  When she was very young, 3 mos old she regularly tried to hide behind a bush, beam or tree &  w a i  t … for getting lower and lower… then POP out as if to say surprise & crack herself up… so with me hiding is so much fun for her — if she cannot find me immediately, Conor says she looks concerned & when she does find me she is tickled, appears to be laughing out loud + super happy & excited. 

We are trying other things –this seems to be a favorite so far –I will soon try hiding a toy.”


Alice Maher, 2015

Alice Maher

“Kate, you are such a great instructor AKC & all attending (people & pups) are so lucky to have your great knowledge taught with explanation & humor too!”

-Alice Maher 2015

“The most critical time in a dog’s life is puppyhood. Kate Brown-Wing’s puppy classes help the owner develop excellent bonds with everlasting effects. Kate’s emphasis on positive reinforcement enriches those important impressions of the new pup and enhances the bond with the owner, family, and other dogs. I have had three pups happily taking Kate Brown-Wing’s puppy class and it is amazing to see them eagerly coming to class, and more amazing to see how quickly and easily they learn in 8 weeks. Kate is a wonderful resource for the new puppy owner.”

Pate White of Halcyon Standard Schnauzers

Pat White

Breeder, Halcyon Standard Schnauzers

“Over the past 15 yrs, I have taken additional puppy classes taught by Kate. Kate is a positive trainer who uses clicker training to help get maximum performance from her four-legged students. In addition to training the puppies and dogs, Kate also spends time training the owner, as many pet owners are not always savvy dog handlers.

Several years ago Kate decided to start her own dog training classes, Look -N-Listen Dog Training. After having spent time with Kate and her students in classes, it is amazing how much the dogs learn in a fairly short amount of time. One dog at LNL was a rescue from a shelter and had a number of behavioral issues. Through patience and positive reinforcement this dog has turned the corner and will be taking the Canine Good Citizen exam shortly.

I would say, Kate has a 6th sense about dog training and people-dog relationships. She has an ability to communicate with the dogs, such that, they have a mutual respect and she gains their cooperation to achieve the goals. Although I have attended Kate’s puppy classes over the years, I have experienced how much knowledge, creativity, and passion she had for dog training. 

Bettyann Senf

Breeder, Candee Jack Terriers

What surprising element did you find as a result of working this program?  Kate constantly amazes me with her insight into what (and why) Razz mimics certain behaviors.  Often, in the beginning, I would not necessarily listen to all Kate had to offer as explanations and advice on how to proceed because I could not comprehend the level of intelligence she promoted my dog to have.  I have since realized that I am the one inadequately prepared!  Kate understands Razz and by following her wisdom and insight, I too, am now communicating more effectively with my partner.”

Has your dog learned tasks regularly and progressed in methodical stages?  My dog learns amazingly fast.  Kate instructs me on how to train my dog, however, when Kate herself works with Razz the results are much more immediate.  Her connection with dogs is uncanny.  We have found that often times when a task is not being learned it is because of my inefficiency and inconsistencies in training.  If my dog were to live with Kate for even just one month, I am sure she would be so much farther in her training completion than we are now.”

K. Schmidtmann

“The Puppy Kindergarten class was wonderful. Kate is a wonderful, positive and encouraging instructor… perfect for puppies. It was wonderful to have them exposed to so many things in a safe, non-threatening way. I would highly recommend this class to anyone with a new puppy.” 

“The instructor was immensely knowledgeable and has a great heart for her students.”

Did you enjoy the class?

“Absolutely! Kate is awesome!” 

“This class was a delight! Our pup could actually tell when it was Tuesday night and was so excited to go. I am encouraged by all the  support the class had to offer.”