About Look-n-Listen Dog Training

and Kate Brown-Wing-CPDT-KA

About Kate Brown-Wing, Trainer/Owner

of Look-n-Listen Dog Training

Kate has had more than 20 years of experience training dogs. She is keenly aware of the genetic drive for dogs to have cooperative natures. It is Kate’s belief that it is our responsibility as dog owners to provide a healthy foundation for dogs to learn, play and coexist with us – in harmony. It all starts with positive time and efforts with puppies in their formative months. This investment into the young developing puppy minds will be rewarded with a happy balance dog for … years!

Kate Brown-Wing, an CPDT-KA is also an AKC/CGC evaluator and uses positive training techniques and has been working with dozens of different breeds… all unique and a pleasure to train. Kate’s classes are upbeat, informative, resourceful and supportive of the issues that arise from the stages of puppyhood and practical dog ownership.

Kate also provides a training program for owners to train their own (service suitable) dogs intended to work as service dogs. Please visit www.CaninePowerPartners.com, the program records the training program for the owner to train their own dog to service dog standards. This is a time intensive program and requires an involved owner willing to commit to a methodical training plan. If you would like to know more about these services, please inquire.

Please contact us for information about puppy classes, private sessions at your home.

Kate also works as an illustrator/designer.

Please check out her on Linkedin at http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=103971256 

Brown-WIng has a prolific career as an illustrator, please see www.NaturalHistoryIllustrator.com and www.Brown-WingArtStudios.com.